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SP01 - Climate Change in the O .. 
SP02 - Water 
SP03 - Soil & crops 
SP04 - Microorganisms 
SP05 - Plant related Ecosystem .. 
SP06 - Cultural knowledge, val .. 
SP07 - Regional and transbound .. 
SP08 - Ecological and economic .. 
SP09.1 - Multi-scale remote se .. 
SP09.2 - Landscape Analysis an .. 
SP10 - Stakeholder involvement 
SPC - Coordination & data mana .. 


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    Last name Title / First name City Phone E-Mail Subprojects
Cassidy Dr. Lin Maun (disabled by the participant) SP09.1 
De Cauwer Vera Windhoek SP05 SP09.1 
Fynn Dr. Richard W. Maun SP09.1 
Hill Prof. Dr. Joachim Trier +49 6512014592 SP09.1 
Mader Sebastian Trier +49 6512014594 SP09.1 
Morais Dr. Miguel SP09.1 
Röder Dr. Achim Trier +49 6512014606 SP09.1 
Schneibel Anne Trier +49 651201 4596 SP09.1 
Sianga Keoikantes Maun SP09.1 
Stellmes Dr. Marion Trier +49 6512014597 SP09.1 
Stoffels Dr. Johannes Trier +49 6512014698 SP09.1