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16th March 2015: Namibian Scientific Society, Windhoek

On March 16th 2015, Achim Röder gave a talk at the Namibian Scientific Society, Windhoek, on ‘The utilization of earth observation images to monitor our environment’. Achim talked about satellite images offering a unique potential to contribute to a better management of terrestrial resources, by providing spatially explicit maps of the present state of the environment. During the talk he also introduced some of the fundamental concepts of satellite-based remote sensing and illustrated the potential of earth observation data to help addressing some of the most burning questions in environmental monitoring and assessment exemplified with case studies from Southern Africa.

Achim Röder and Bertchen Kohrs
Photo by Armin Jagdhuber/NWG
The audience in the conference hall
Photo by Armin Jagdhuber/NWG